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Mandela Effect Examples – Billy Graham


Billy Graham Mandella YT


Mandela Effect Examples Billy Graham

Many people are coming forward with their experiences with the Mandela Effect, and in this video I talk about my own personal experience example, in the way of the death and funeral of evangelist Billy Graham.

Billy Graham may be alive and well in this current timeline or reality we find ourselves in, but you’ll hear me talk about a much different experience and memory in this video.

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  1. I also want to mention something’s people don’t notice like Jackie Onassis in the JFK video as her dress was always a light powder blue and now it’s pink? Never mind the extra passengers in the vehicle. I seriously questioned the new video on JFK put out. But don’t doubt the Mandela effect. And Michael Jackson in his smooth criminal song to me I always heard are you okay daddy and now it’s are you okay Annie and it doesn’t even flow now in lyric so I really thought something is altered. And Thelma and Louis went over a cliff with tones of water below in the movie and a huge water fall was in the final scene shot and that is what made the scene so memorable now there is just a little water below this changed recently. And net pay use to be what was left after taxes and now even thought that is the definition, look closely and that is not the case on a tax form even ask an accountant and they will tell u more, this one is a complicated thing for me to get into in detail.

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