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Hate Groups and Domestic Extremists Increased in 2015 – But Are They All “White Supremacy” Groups?



According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, domestic extremist and hate groups rose in numbers in 2015 compared to the previous amounts – an increase not seen since the civil rights era circa 1968.

However, in its report, the focus is on groups that are white or Anglo in nature.  There is very little mention of other groups or other racially biased organizations.

Reports such as these feed into the division issues we have in the world today.  There is nno such thing as “race”.  We are all human.

We need to work past these things and press forward as a species, not as subgroups that think some are better or worse than the others.

And, with that in mind, we ALSO need to stop attributing those same problems to one single group of people.

Racism sexists, but it exists in ALL factions of society and all racial groups.  Not just one or two.

Unfortunately, until we come to terms with that, we will not be able to get past it.

And, of course, “Patriot groups” are now “racist” as well, according to the report.

You can hear Joe and Ira discuss more about this topic on the 02-25-16 broadcast of Brothers at Arms.




“Last year was an incredibly dramatic year, marked by very high levels of political violence, genuine growth of hate groups and a level of hate speech in mainstream politics that we have not seen in decades,” Mark Potok, senior fellow at the Southern Poverty Law Center, told Yahoo News Wednesday ahead of the release of the SPLC’s latest report on hate and extremism in the U.S.


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