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Guest Appearances On Late Night In The Midlands

Mike Towey Speaks colorI made 2 guest appearances!

I recently made 2 guest appearances on the late night radio talk show Late Night In The Midlands, with host Michael Vara.


I was on for the second half of the 10-28-2014 show, The Salem Witch Trials.  I didn’t talk about those in particular, though.  I was there discussing aspects of metaphysics, reality, spooky things and just generally having a good time.


I also made an appearance during the 10-31-2014 Halloween Round Table discussion, which included Michael Vara, Ryan Gable (of The Secret Teachings) and Riscalla Stephen of The Red Pill Reality Show (which appears on the LNM network on Saturday nights).


These guys are all dedicated to the Truth of matters, just like we are here, and I highly recommend all of their shows.

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