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Mandela Effect Example? Muhammad Ali – Open Eyes Network News

    Upon hearing of the hospitalization of Muhammad Ali, I realized immediately something was wrong. It was that familiar feeling once again. once again, I encountered someone that I knew had passed, but was back again in the news. Am I the only one? Watch the video for the…

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Mandela Effect Explained ? Elon Musk: “We Are In A Computer Simulation” – Open Eyes Network News

    #Elon #Musk came out with informatino at Recode, claiming that we may very well be computer simulations within an elaborate artificially constructed computer system built by an advanced civilization. We discuss this claim, as well as its implications with the Mandela Effect, in this video.     Share…

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Mandela Effect Explained? CERN Changing Reality – PROOF that it IS POSSIBLE! Open Eyes Network News

    CERN has been blamed for many things over its time of existence, but could it be tied to the Mandela Effect? I show you PROOF of how it is entirely possible that THIS IS THE CASE. The Mandela Effect is a BIG topic. It has implications of the…

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Mandela Effect Explained? Alternative Realities Converging – Open Eyes Network News

    The Mandela Effect is a big topic, and there are many possible explanations for why and how it is happening. I do my best to give you one possible explanation, as I understand it, that has helped me to deal with the changes that are taking place. Whether…

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