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Baltimore Professor Says All White People Need to Give All Their Money to Black People



According to Lawrence Brown, an assistant professor in the Public Health Department at Morgan State University in Baltimore, if you are white, and you have money, you did not earn it.


Someone else earned it, and it is only your white privilege that allows you to have it.

As a result of this, you, as a white person, need to personally give your money to a black person.  Any black person.  But a black person.


He has also made claim to America being still as racially segregated as it always has been, that Black Americans still suffer at the hands of White Supremacist America, and that monetary reparations are necessary to correct these problems.

It was over Twitter that the tirade came out, and you can see the image capture of the tweet above.  It has since been deleted from Twitter, likely because of the blow back he has received since its publication.

Rightfully so.


As an indigenous American, I can say I have scratched and fought for every penny I have earned in my life.  No one has given me anything.  I was raised poor. 

But, that does NOT mean that I blame anyone else for my problems.  I do not blame white people for what they have.  I know many white people that have been just as poor, and had things just as rough, as me.  If not more so.

Stop dividing each other up.  There is no need for it.  There is no sense in it.

It all falls into the agenda that the power elites want us to be prey to.


The original link tot he tweet can be seen here: https://twitter.com/BmoreDoc/status/605165320299532288




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