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FREAKY Sex Things in The Bible – Brothers at Arms 08-04-16

BA 08-04-16 Feeakt Sex YT Placard



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**WARNING** This video may offend you and your sensibilities. It is not my fault. Blame the Bible.
We are told, continuously, that it is a “holy book” and that all must be obedient to it.

We are told, as children, to sit with the book and read it, over and over again.

But do you know all of the things that the book contains? Do you REALLY know what your Bible has to say?

If you did, would you REALLY consider it to be a “holy thing”?

We’ll explore some of the “hidden gems” that the Bible contains, and ask teh questions that, while difficult to face, NEED to be asked, in a rational manner.

Tune in! You REALLY need to hear this!




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