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Dumb Laws and Dumber People – Brothers at Arms 07-14-16

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Since the 4th Amendment has radically altered due to the recent decision by the Supreme Court in the United States, it is now possible for police officers to break your 4th Amendment rights in the process of finding any “crimes” you may be committing.

Because of this, we wanted to make you aware of some of the more obscure, and, quite frankly, stupid laws that are on the books, right here and now, and are still very enforceable.

You may very well be breaking the law, right here and right now, without realizing it.

Also up for discussion:
— Black Lives Matter leaders are calling for 5 states to be “black only states” and separate from the Union
— Why are so many holding on to anger, when the anger is doing more harm than good?
— President Obama spoke about the Dallas police shootings, and referred to HIMSELF 45 times

These things, and more, will be on this next episode of Brothers at Arms. Tune in! You won’t want to miss out!



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