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Brothers at Arms 032 10-29-15 Governmetn Waste, E-Cigs Under Attack and Politically Correct Halloween Costumes

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Government waste, our tax dollars flying away and never to be seen again, being called a “hard worker” is now politically incorrect, and MUCH more in this LIVE show!

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The military’s surveillance blimp that became untethered Wednesday morning outside Baltimore and floated aimlessly across Pennsylvania has been successfully retrieved. But not before causing enormous damage and providing us with a perfect metaphor about everything wrong with the runaway waste of the military-industrial complex. Let’s start with the basics.
The JLENS balloon is gargantuan — the size of a football field. As the blimp floated menacingly above the rural Pennyslvania landscape, it dragged a multi-ton steel cable that destroyed power lines, leaving tens of thousands of residents without power tonight.

A store owner who stood up to an armed robber says her four kids, including one in college, were the inspiration she needed to scare off the burglar.



Bacon lovers took to social media on Tuesday to express disdain over a World Health Organization report that said processed meat is likely to cause cancer.

The hashtags #FreeBacon, #Bacongeddon and #JeSuisBacon were among the top-trending topics worldwide on Twitter for a second straight day.





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